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12 October 2015 Guest
flight st germania 8341corfu to manchester 21st sept 015 . WHERE IS MY LUGGAGE ? 3 weeks today no word fr om germania sick of calling man airport GLOBAL BAGGAGE . How can a airline leave 65 suitcases at corfu airport ???? i was told that my bag was in munich and as far as i know it is still there ,it seems some bags where transfered to munich with the idea of sqeezing them on flights from munich to manchester i do beleive some arrived at man airport but there wh ere still some baggage outstanding stuck there ,i have been in touch with my ins company and i need to get a written statement saying the bag is lost from germania i cant find a contact no or email address can anyone help ? rgds
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Virgin America

09 October 2015 Patrice Kaufman
First Class Cabin Crew and Pilot were unkind, rude, bullying and insulting used inappropriate language and accusations. I was traveling with my ill cousin who asked to use forward lavatory since she was VERY ill--could not breathe. After the first class stewardess, Jenny, yelled and accused my cousin of threatening her I got involved. Jenny then was a bully to me and a name caller---she said that I had no business getting involved and that she was "older than me and looked younger than I did". Never even touched on the subject that my cousin was ill and could not breathe. I was concerned that she might have an episode and die! I was appalled and overwhelmed and did respond in anger. My cousin NEVER was able to use the toilet for over 5 hours. NOT THE RIGHT THING FOR AN AIRLINE TO DO. I want my money back, an apology and to have Virgin America contact Lax police to remove my information that the pilot insisted on them getting. He was upset that I caught him lying to the LAX police.
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Piper PA-31 Navajo Chieftain

06 October 2015 Guest
What are the entrance and exit points to the Chieftain?
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Johannesburg OR Tambo International Airport

05 October 2015 Ross Robson
Please stop the "off the street" baggage handlers that want to carry your baggage
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Iran Air

02 October 2015 Syed asad ameer
There is a seat in plane is very conjusted please check iam also travel on december .2015 .and i also check the seats i conjusted or not i hope you forwar my complain to iran airline One word i want to say your plane air hosteses service is superb THANK YOU!!!!!
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Dakar Leopold Sedar Senghor International Airport

29 September 2015 KHURRAM SHAHZAD
Dear Sir, I am Mr. Khurram Shahzad from Pakistan and now i am arriving in Dakar on 15th Oct 2015 to participate in a medical event (IDEA DAKAR). I just want to ask you 1 question that my passport is expiry on 6th March 2016, so can i travel with the same passport , is there will be no any issue on airport or i need to make new passport. Waiting your reply.
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Brit Air

29 September 2015 Catharina
I have a book for Brit Air from Paris to Lourdes. I just try to ,ake sure that that ticket will included the baggage since i fly from Indonesia. Please tell me if the ticket not comes with the baggage. Thank you
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28 September 2015 kian
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Ghana International Airlines

28 September 2015 Karen Frimpong
I can't believe this webite is in operation. We are still waiting for a return of full payment of our flights in 2011. SHAME ON YOU. After CIRCLE TRAVEL STOLE OUR MONEY WITH THE HELP OF THE EMBARRASSING AIRLINE Ghana Airways (I find it difficult to type this airline's name), they never had the decency of returning our money. Circle travel now dissolved you are disgraceful. Shame on you. What rating none. Please don't travel with any airline travelling with these people they are crooks.
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Antonov An-140

25 September 2015 Michael
Hey, I saw this plane landing as I was drinvig down Stoney Trail this morning. I couldn`t figure out why it was going so slow, and I didn`t see and a familiar airline logo on the side now I know why!
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Lauda Air

25 September 2015 Nelly
The one bag rule for American is 36ci right? Even a western flyer is bigegr so I don't really see why I would even try at that size. Just not enough space. They are doing to encourage people to check bags of course and I do not do that for any reason. I would as soon leave extra items on my hotel bed and lose them as pay the 25 dollars. I will not pay ever and if other air lines begin to try forcing the issue I will cease flying. I do check a bag on delta as that is free for me. I hate American and I hope the merger with us airways dies.
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Iran Aseman Airlines

22 September 2015 Raj
I want to contact Aseman airlines
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Olongapo City Subic Bay International Airport

16 September 2015 Guest
can you fly into subic bay from hong kong ... if so ... what airline
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Sky Bahamas

14 September 2015 ruthgeorge
SkyBahamas is an airline based in Nassau, Bahamas. The airline operates scheduled service within the Bahamas and Ft.
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09 September 2015 Guest
They DO need to change the name. Seriously.
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Caracas Simon Bolivar International Airport

08 September 2015 shatha tamim
Good morning I need to be shore my flay after 5 days to carcass do I need visa ..I ound palestinian pasport can you tell me as soon as possible and thanks alot
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03 September 2015 Guest
Terrible getting some one on the phone after you purchase a ticket..
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28 August 2015 Guest
I just sent a message re the pictures. You can replay to my email of Thank you. William CLaypool
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Primera Air Scandinavia

28 August 2015 Stian Søfting
Want to share my experience with this company, to make sure that noone does the same mistake as I did when I ordered a flight with this company. Late october last year I ordered tickets to Las Palmas fr om Gardermoen at Primera air's site. A week before departure, I recieved an email wh ere I was told that my flight was delayed from 10.45 pm, to 2.25 pm. I sendt a reply the same day, asking an explanation for the delay, and was told that the delay was due to changes in slot time at Gardermoen airport, in other words, not anything the aieline was responsible for and nothing I could complain about. The problem started when I got to Gardermoen about 11.45 am, but could not find my flight on any of the boards, and was unable to find any check-in points for Primera Air. After about an hour of intensive searching, I was told that my flight left Gardermoen 10.45 that day. This company had sold tickets to me and several other passengers, and for some reason, told us that the flight was delayed to make sure we did not show up at the airport in time for our flight. I contacted costumer support, but they had closed the office for the day, so I was only able to reach one employee, who was responsible for the luggage sendt with Primera Air. I was told that I had to wait 3 days until monday morning, before the main office opened and could help me further. As I only had a weeks vacation, and my daughters was waiting for me, I had to travel from Gardermoen to Rygge and get a new ticket to Las Palmas with another company. Eventually I got to Las Palmas, But it would take the company another 9!! months and a lot of emails, complaints and finally a threath of a lawsuit, before they eventually covered my expenses for the new ticket. Stay clear of this company!!
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Air China

26 August 2015 Guest
Air china is actually quite good in my option, the staff is really polite to me
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25 August 2015 Irene Bezuidenhout
I am truly upset. After getting onto your R1 promotion, booking a flight and seats, I was bombed out when I declined the car hire twice. It sucks as I was so excited in getting tickets which would allow me to take my family to my nieces wedding in Cape Town in March 2016. A positive has changed to a negative and I don't know if I will ever fly Safair, no matter how cheap your seats. I will keep on trying but I am sure it is useless.
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Travel Service Airlines

25 August 2015 Guest
Dear Sir/Madame! BUDQS15353 We landed in Budapest on 2015. 26th of june from Kefalonia. My luggage was damaged, and high-valued especially Hugo Boss clothes were missing. At the airport I reported, your collieague. After it happened, first week everybody was so helpful, but what happened after it was a disaster. They call me liar, and other unproffessional things they did. I gave to the company all the bills and all the other things they needed. Now nobody respondes me, about 1 week ago. Could you be so kind and let me know what happend with this case in your head office in Prague? And how can it happened that in Budapest they treated me like this, or who is the person I can contact with. It was almoast 2MONTHS AGO. Best Regards
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Hawaiian Airlines

24 August 2015 Soba19
Humiliated, Frustrated, Irate Traveled Honolulu to Maui only to be questioned by the Passenger Service Agent about my disability, verbally embarrassed by the Supervisor about my medical condition, frustrated that I nearly missed my flight, irate that my seats were allocated to another passenger and my checked bags transferred on a later flight. Prior to traveling, I possessed all the necessary medical documentation from my primary physician and mental health counselor to travel with a comfort animal. Nobody should ever be degraded about their disabling condition especially a Platinum member of Hawaiian Airlines. The Supervisor went as far as contact my physician via Physician Exchange to verify my handicap. After verbally questions and humiliated more than an hour and finally assessed $35.00 for an In-Cabin Animal, I was then considered a late check-in passenger my seat allocated to another passenger, advised suitcase would follow me on a later departure and advised I need to run to the gate. Had I missed my flight, I would be placed on a Stand-Bye Status for upcoming departures. My time at the check-in counter was 4 times longer than a flight to Maui. This experience ranks as one of my sadness most humiliating days of my life and I regret being plagued with this disability. I have been advised to seek legal counsel for prejudice. What is wrong with Hawaiian Airlines and their Aloha for Kaamainas?
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Barcelona Airport

Hello, I am writing to you regarding one way flight SOFIA- BARCELONA -AMSTERDAM for 22.08.2015, with flight N: VY7637 and flight N:VY8300. On the domestic terminal 1 during transfers from Sofia-Barcelona to Barcelona -Amsterdam I lost their my personal belongings, which I bought from Sofia Airport - white bag with blue inscription Sofia Airport. It contains an open bottle of mineral water, boxes of cigarettes AQUA BLUE, Murati, David Gold, box of candy, black cardigan, etc. Upon my arrival in Amsterdam, was left that my luggage is lost also! My luggage is black suitcase n: 1C654201, with personal belongings, clothes and shoes . Please if you have found my belongings, please call me on the phone or send me an email and send them to address: PS TRANSPORT B.V. 36 Industrieweg 4214 KZ Vuren -NL Please for your help to get my luggage back. Thank you TSVETANKA HRISTOVA Tel.+359 879167272
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ATA Airlines

21 August 2015 Guest
امروز در پرواز تفلیس به تهران با ۳ ساعت تاخیر و نگهداشتن مسافرین در داخل هواپیما و روشن نکردن تهویه هوا در گرمای ۳۴ درجه تفلیس٫ با توجه به مسافرین سالخورده با ناراحتی قلبی و کودکان حتی از دادن آب به مسافرین خوداری کردنند. مدیریت بسیار ضعیف خدمه هواپیما و کاپیتان هواپیمای آتا بیشتر توجه کنید.
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Air Georgian

12 August 2015 AC Frequent Flyer
Consistently late or cancelled YYZ - MKE....future trips now go through ORD for reliability....
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Aerovias DAP

11 August 2015 Jared Ingwalson
Do you fly El Calafate to Puerto Natalas on a regular schedule ?
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US Airways

09 August 2015 Guest
Customer service is abominable.
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Network Aviation Australia

08 August 2015 Chris
Very enjoyable, comfortable Qantaslink service operated in a Network F100.
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Binter Canarias

07 August 2015 Alireza.Noori
Dear Sir/Madam I was your passenger on flight YYOLS2 CMN NT6400 at 06Aug Due to small mistake during check-in I lost my Luggage in Casablanca I should get Luggage tag for my last destination in Iran but your officer get me Casablanca ticket and luggage Tag Since I was in transit I asked Emirates officer to bring my luggage but she could not find it Due to your flight delay I lost my flight in Casablanca and I leave there with next flight at 2200 but with out my luggage Pls do needful help and send my Luggage with emirates air line to Tehran-Via Dubai Here is my Email address and on my luggage you can see my email and mobile phone no pls send a respond to my email asap. If you need more detail I can send snapshot of my ticket and luggage Tag as well
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Hong Kong International Airport

07 August 2015 njd
Our flight - Hong Kong Express Airways UO1755, was scheduled to leave at 6:50am on July 31st. We arrived at the airport the night before to make sure we were on time for our flight. Long story short, after arriving at the gate on time the next day, we were told we were too late. We never heard our names called or a final boarding announcement on the way there. We asked the man at the gate, Horris, to see his supervisor. After about an hour, his manager, Jimmy, showed up and adamantly told us that the airline had a strict policy of closing their gate exactly 20 minutes before departure. However, at gate 525 next door, Hong Kong Express UO 273 was accepting passengers for up to almost 5 minutes before departure. We told Jimmy that we were there on time and asked him to review the security cameras. He dismissed our request and just said that we needed to buy new tickets at full price. If we had a problem, we should call the police. So we told them to call the police. We thought that the police would help us resolve the issue. We were wrong. They told us that they had no right to look at the security cameras and referred us to Hong Kong Airport Authority. HKAA said that it wasnt their problem and told us to talk to the airlines. We spent the next ten hours being pushed from one department of the airport to the next. The response everywhere was clear and unanimous: not our problem, here is a number, do it yourself. The authorities talked with the airline staff at great length, while very few asked us what happened. When more officers came, they only talked to the bosses of the airlines. Worse than that, nobody not the police or the Hong Kong Airport Authority - wanted to see the security footage to see who was telling the truth. They also complained that I was arguing in English, saying that this was Hong Kong and we should be talking in Cantonese. I dont speak Cantonese. And even though many of them could speak English, they kept trying to use my wife as a translator. My wife, who speaks Cantonese, was caught between looking after our baby and trying to explain our situation to whoever would listen. Finally, Hong Kong Airport Authority said that our tickets were no longer valid and that we needed to leave the security area immediately, and the police said that if we refused they would arrest us for obstruction of justice. We asked them if they could at least review the security footage. They said that they would, but we wouldnt be allowed to see it for security reasons. Minutes later, we were escorted out of the security area by a dozen or so officers, about half of which were armed with machine guns. Finally, the HKAA officer came back and said that the footage showed that we were 10 minutes late. I asked him whether or not he checked to see if the other passengers on the neighboring Hong Kong Express flight were late and allowed to board, and he said that he didnt check. My wife overheard another officer in Cantonese saying that the videos on their cameras werent clear and that they couldnt see anything. I suppose that if the authorities show this level of irresponsibility, corruption, and ignorance, how could we expect them to be fair? Also, while we were running around, it was interesting to observe the demographics of the people complaining and having other problems at the airport. No Hong Kong citizens seemed to be having any problems. There were a few white foreigners that were arguing at the counters. There were more brown foreigners and mainland Chinese that were having issues with airport and airline personnel (they were speaking in Mandarin or other languages). However, there were many black foreigners that seemed to be having problems at nearly every place we went. I dont know what country most of them were from. I dont know what their issues were. Im not even black. But just from looking around, there seemed to be clear discrimination against certain groups of people and preferential treatment given to others.
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LATAM Colombia

31 July 2015 Guest
Never use LAN. Worst airline ever!!!!!! I traveled fr om Australia to Colombia and the airline lost my luggage, i had to wait 5 days to get the luggage. 20 days later I traveled from Colombia to Australia and they again lost my luggage. I have been waiting for my luggage and they do not wh ere it is have been 5 days waiting for. Feeling so upset for having this issue twice in less than a month!!! Never use this airline again!!!!!
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23 July 2015 Guest
Dear All I would like to tell you that it is lost my luggage when traveling on the company.please your memory as much search to find if my luggage boarded and that where is exactly is important to find.The details of my flight is File Reference BCNR010015 Name Athanasiou Ioanna Flight Date R0256 /23 JUL/ RO421/23 JUL Ticket Number ETKT Tag Number RO651710 Thanks in advance Ioanna Athanasiou Email
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Kigali International Airport

I am a Nigerian,who travelled with RwandAir on the 21 of this month from Dubai to Kigali,unfortunately there was a delay on our flight from Dubai for 12 hours and that made us miss the connecting flight to Lagos on the same day. On our arrival at the Kigali international airport at about 11.30pm rwandan local time,we were advised to join the Ethiopan airline to Adis-Ababa and then back to Lagos. We identified our luggage before they were checked in in the Ethiopian aircraft.Unreaching Lagos from Adis-Ababa we discovered to our utmost surprise that our luggage were not in the aircraft. We haven't seen our luggage. The question is: are they in Kigaali or Adis-Ababa? We need our luggage now. All I have personally at the moment are in my box and in my travelling back. Please do act very fast. Thank you for your co-operation
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London City Airport

21 July 2015 Frequent flyer
Great airport, frequent flyer with Cityjet. Clarissa is my favourite ground staff member always smiling no matter what.
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Tailwind Airlines

17 July 2015 Lord Hulmes
after 40 yrs of travelling throughout europe this is the worst airline i have ever travelled with,with cabin crew that need totally retraining in customer care and diabolical in flight food
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Osh Airport

08 July 2015 Guest
Are there any ATM's at the airport?
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London Heathrow Airport

06 July 2015 Guest
London Heathrow airport is one of the busiest airports in the UK. Thousands or people come and fly from Heathrow airporT. I have read a news report about Heathrow airport that management is planning to expand the facilities at Airport due to the increasing number of travellers. There should be good car parking facilities just like airport parking luton for the passengers.
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04 July 2015 Serneels Alain
Do you have flights from maracaibo to cartagena
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Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

03 July 2015 Guest
If you land at one of the A concourses be prepared for only one bathroom for about a 1000 people. There are few electric outlets to recharge electronics.
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Tokyo Haneda Airport

01 July 2015 biman
It is the best one in Asia I have ever seen. How you compare Dhaka airport with it.
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24 June 2015 Guest
Good memories, when i was choosing holiday from Czech republic, I wanted to fly with TAR. A319 + A320 normal flight, cabin crew pleasant, but naturely pleasant. They dont fake - smiles like another artifically smiling cabin crew...
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Summit Air

17 June 2015 ang dorge lama
Friday tikat ktm to phaplu please
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Constanta Airline

16 June 2015 RESHEF JACOB
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Alaska Airlines

09 June 2015 Guest
I was traveling on Alaskar Airlines in February 2015 from Portland to San Jose, I arrived to board my flight and I was told that I would need to put my hand luggage in to the aeroplane hold rather than in the cabin as hand luggage. Before I agreed for my bag to be put in the aeroplane hold I asked the member of staff if they could ensure that my bag would be handled delicately and that the baggage handlers knew that this piece of luggage was supposed to be hand luggage. The bag I was carrying was not a secure suitcase and it didn't have the sustainability to be handled un-carefully. I was reassured that the bag would be looked after. When I arrived at my destination and collected my bag from the carousel, low and behold there was damage to bag. I decided to file a complaint to the airline not because I wanted compensation for the bag (even though it was a Louis Vuitton which cost me circa £2,210 or $3,000) but because despite my concern which I spoke to the member of staff about the handling of the luggage it doesn't seem to have made any difference to the way my baggage was handled and I strongly feel that internal processes need to be better established to avoid this happening to me and other passengers in the future. I wanted to have acknowledgement from the company that they needed to adapt their processes. I personally do not believe that in any instance you can ensure that a baggage handler who is used to dealing with excessive amounts of luggage should then be expected to delicately look after hand luggage. Ie how will the handler know which is which? And how and why will they be motivated to treat the luggage with care? I emailed Alaskar customer services with my complaint and have been transferred through the ranks to numerous people (I don't think I have received two emails from the same person, which in my view is awful customer service) none of whom have responded in a suitable fashion. They have not acknowledged or come back to me to highlight any change of process they will adapt despite me asking numerous times. The airline has given me no confidence they have taken my comments and concerns on-board. They have simply offered a $50 reimbursement for my troubles even though I have not asked or mentioned that I would like reimbursement. Therefore, I will not be using the airline again in the future because I fear that if this simple process can not be made better then they must have a series of faults in their processes and systems throughout the company.
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Mitsubishi SpaceJet

08 June 2015 Guest
When comparing the MRJ to the Bombardier Cseries, I don't understand the fuel consumption. MRJ is getting 1700NM range out of 3200gal of fuel, and the CS300, a much bigger plane, gets 2950NM out of 3640gal ?
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Izhevsk Airport

03 June 2015 Marco Silva
Izhevsk airport cancelled a flight for me and my wife on 31/05/2015 at 13:45, without any warnings whatsohever. The end result of this was that we lost all the subsequent flights and had to pay an additional 250 eur to make this change. Even worse was when we arived to Domodedovo airport on next day. Because my visa expired for one day, I had to renew my visa for 25 eur and lost another flight which cost me another 125 eur to reschedule, not to mention the fact that I lost one day's work, spent a lot of money in making calls and all the nerve wreking issues of taking care of all this stuff with people who don't speak English. Yes, that's right, don't expect English speakers in Izhevsk airport, and you are lucky if you find some in Domodedovo airport. Total loss= 400 eur (not counting calls expenses to make airplane reschedules and one day work). I will only return to Russia if my wife really needs my presence, other than that, no way!!! Would not recomend going on hollidays.
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Lockheed Constellation

28 May 2015 Guest
Your specs for speed are way way way off.
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