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05 August 2022 helene recordon
Guest : Guest : FINNAIR HUGE HUGE HUGE Warming stay as fare away as possible, I arrived Copenhagen on a finnair flight on Dec. 4/12 and today its 4/1-2022 still no suitcase, dont Hear anything from them, cant call no answer after many hours, email/chat dont reply, I just want to tell people to serious reconsider if theyre planing to fly with Finnair👎😡👎😡👎😡 my goodness sorry to hear about finnair for me ...due to luggage handling
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Copa Airlines

03 August 2022 Adolfo
My flight got cancel when pandemic first hit, copa told me I had a year to use my ticket when I the airports open again I tried booking a new flight with the credit they gave me coming to find out that copa had issued a refund. This was back in March 2000 and we are now in August 2022 and I still dont have refund in my account. Does someone know of lawyer?
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02 August 2022 Guest
Cheap flights but they weigh all hand luggage and try to scam you there. $90 USD for 5kg of luggage. They made me go to an ATM and get cash out (they dont take card). ATM fee was $5. Never flying with this airline again.
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Malindo Air

29 July 2022 Guest js
Guest : Guest : Nicole : Same thing has happened to me this morning. I go to manage booking and says its unpaid but has come out of my bank!! Guest : I purchase a ticket on 27/3/2022, checked with bank- payment successful but I did not receive PNR or any booking Confirmation number! Emailed malindo customer care but no feedback! Called call centre for more than 20 times but no one is answering the calli hv been waiting for each call for at least 10 mins (it keep saying malindo is experiencing high volume of call???) this is not the first time I encountered this issue!!!!! Really bad service!!!!!!!! how .... omg I'm also having this issue. Money deducted , no ticket no code. No respond from email. Called and they ask me wait email. I rang them, was on hold for 50 minutes, finally someone picked up the phone, told them the itinerary wasn't issued, they issue it straight away. Ring them again. They ask me to wait . Been a month..... sigh cant refund cant ask for faster. Nothing can I do on this?
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Sunwing Airlines

17 July 2022 Guest
Flight delay 14 hours now.
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Aeropostal Alas de Venezuela

Subject: Air ticket Aeropostal On July 13, I buy an air ticket in the name of VALENTINA DEL CAMPO FUENTES, reservation code 2WVDA6, with the itinerary Aeropostal Flight 298 Buenos AiresArgentina Medellin Colombia and Aeropostal flight 5575 Medellin Bogota Colombia. To date, I still have not received the ticket. Please can you fill out this ticket as soon as possible, since the payment has already been deducted from the credit card with which the purchase was made. Thank you for responding to this request. Valentina Del Campo Fuentes +57 301230639
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09 July 2022 Guest
Took last money from Ukrainian war refugees, declined boarding and refused to refund I was helping a family of Ukrainian refugees as a volunteer to book flight Tallinn (TLL) - Berlin (BER) for 20.05.2022 but after payment they received tickets for 17.06.2022. To make sure they leave tomorrow, I paid for another set of tickets with my own card. Next day I learned that Airbaltic didn't let Ukrainian war refugees board the flight today due to lack of COVID vaccination certificate and they didn't even let them do an express COVID test. This poor family was refused to board the flight they paid their last money for. After being left with no home and little money, having spent more than 3 days moving non-stop through the aggressor's Russian territory, having paid for Airbaltic tickets twice the full price to get refuge in Europe and unite with their friends in Germany. This is inhumane. They had no more money left to book a room to stay overnight or transport to go further. The customer support was useless and unwilling to help to refund the money. The irregularity claim took them a month to respond to just to say that they can't refund the full price. Now they will take one more month to refund 6% of the full cost. While other companies offer free services to people who have lost everything due to war, Airbaltic takes their last money and refuses to provide the service. Incredibly disappointed in this company and their values.
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05 July 2022 Guest
You can't talk to them all methods of communication are messed up so you won't be able to reach them for a refund
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Privilege Style

05 July 2022 Guest
I simply can not rate this airline badly enough. If you had negative stars they would be minus five.
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LATAM Airlines

26 June 2022 Me
LATAM - The WORST airline. I don't want to waste my time writing too much, I can see most people agree. If there was a minus 5 star (-5), I would give that. Shame on you. 🤢
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Aruba Airlines

09 June 2022 Guest
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Hurghada International Airport

31 May 2022 Adam khan
30/05/2022 a passenger travelling to the UK left a Samsung tablet in the food court next to burger king whilst all flights TUI and Easy jet flights were delayed which now I have in my possession I picked it up in the hope the owner was on the same flight .. I asked the air hostess make an announcement however no one claimed it so I'm only assuming it was passenger off another flight .. I have left the location settings on in the hope the owner has find My device app .. alternatively my number is 07709687690 if you are the owner then get please get in touch
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Cape Air

21 May 2022 John Cunningham
Using the companies online booking page is an experience, it never ends and you still can't book!
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Transavia Airlines

16 May 2022 Guest
hello What is the terminal at Hurghada airport ?
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Fokker 50

16 May 2022 Guest
Abdulla Al-Hudaid : Dears, I am looking for Freighter Fokker 50 on dry lease for two years. The base of operation will be Addis Ababa Kindly advise availability and price Regards, Abdulla Al-Hudaid Tahseen Aviation Services please contract us on email info(@) we have option wet lease ACMI of interested
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AirAsia Zest

16 May 2022 Guest
Orly : May I know the Tax Identification Number of Air Asia philippines?
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Air Europa

09 May 2022 Guest
This airline should be shut down!!!!!
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Aerolineas Sosa

29 April 2022 Guest
Cummins-Freund : Help! Have a flight reserved for Wednesday 6:40 am to La Ceiba for Garifuna Tour. We found out today the Tour is TUESDAY 2/24. Need help in changing our reservation. We will be arriving in Roatan 2/21 from US. Reservation No: 45963 Please call or email at Thank you for your help.Did they got back to you?
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13 April 2022 Turchian Mioara Iuga
Hi there ! I have a flight canceled by this airline and I havent received my refund yet! My flight was on 22 April from Bogota to Lima and been canceled by the airline I would really appreciate if you guys refund my money back to my bank account! Here are all the document of the flight canceling and the invoice of my payment
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Aerolineas Argentinas

12 April 2022 Dick Roberts
Hello Aerolineas, My company, Ocean Air Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, is searching to purchase your surplus aircraft parts in any condition. Pls advise a contact in your maintenance department to obtain a listing for our purchase. Dick Roberts VP Material Americas Phone: 305-698-0383 Fax: 305-698-0384 Cell: 954-661-6352
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Sun Country Airlines

07 April 2022 Guest
Sun Country, March 23, 2022. Cancun to Minneapolis. Bumped without reason, this airline is fading fast.
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Newcastle International Airport

17 March 2022 Karen
I'm travelling to lanzarote 16 April is the covid recovery passport enough for entry into that country if I'm not fully vaccinated? Thank you for any input
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Envoy Air

12 March 2022 Envoy Employee
As an Envoy employee I wanted to give passengers a little background on why some of the things happen that people complain about. Mostly they just don't understand the realities of air travel. First, delays and cancellations. These never, ever, happen due to incompetence or lack of care for the passengers. Aircraft are machines that break. They are massive, multi million dollar machines. Think about how long it takes to repair cars or appliances, days and these are much smaller. They fact that our mechanics can repair aircraft out on the tarmac within hours in all weather is amazing. Mechanical issues are all about making sure your aircraft is safe. Second, aircraft crews are required by law to only fly and be on duty for certain hours. This is because in the past crews were over worked and had fatal crashes due to exhaustion. Delays and cancellations due to crew issues are again, for your safety. While you may be worried about your vacation, we want to get you there in one piece. As far as customer service, we have great agents. If you have encountered someone who is rude or frustrated, it is likely because of their experience that day. Our agents are screamed at, insulted, cussed at, and even called racial slurs by upset passengers on a daily basis. Poor customer service is not acceptable, but treat agents with kindness and you will likely be treated the same.ease report unacceptable behavior. In the baggage department, first please put your name tag on your bag. The majority of lost luggage does not have the simplest solution, a small tag with your phone number. Mistakes do happen and bags go on the wrong plane or get left behind, but most are resolved within 12 -24 hours. When you check your bag, it travels at speeds of up to 20mph through 10-20 miles of dirty, mechanical belt system that is owned by the airport, not the airline. This is where many of the damages take place. Also, bags are loaded into dirty cargo bins of planes where they move and shift as the aircraft travels at over 500 miles per hour. Do not buy expensive bags and expect them to stay clean. Some bags do get dropped by accident, and yes all baggage is filmed and reviewed. They majority of serious damage occurs on bags that are over packed or over weight. If your bag weighs 100 pounds, or is bursting at the seams, do not expect it to arrive in pristine condition. Every single day our Envoy and American Airlines teams are working to get you to your destination safe and sound. Of course we make mistakes, but so does every business. I can tell you that behind the scenes we have amazing employees going above and beyond. We look forward to hosting you as our guest on Envoy and American Airlines. Thanks!
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InterCaribbean Airways

04 March 2022 Guest
Extreamly poor airline, no professionalism, especially the airport staff in jamaica.
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Air Antilles Express

01 March 2022 Guest clare D
Our bags were offloaded in Error in Domenica when we were en route to Los Angeles. We have been home for two weeks now and have sent 50 emails and made 400+ phone calls. Only twice have we spoken to anyone. We know the bags are in Guadeloupe now but cannot get them sent to us in the UK. Its Air Antilles who are the problem any advice?
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EasyJet Switzerland

28 February 2022 Guest
Possible work around for EJ2cpgtc70fd : I received this error code repeatedly when trying to change a flight booking on the EasyJet website today. I tried a lot of things to try to work around it. In the end I have up trying to move the pair of flights and instead moved one and then moved the other in a separate operation. The cost came out higher at £96 instead of £16 offered to move the pair. I suspect the EasyJet website is doing the calculation one way to calculate the price to offer and then another way when it is checking the transaction and for some cases the 2 numbers are different and it then bombs out. Anyway I hope that work around helps a few of you! Please add to the discussion if this does actually work!
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SAS - Scandinavian Airlines

26 February 2022 Guest
Can I book travel with SAS credit for travel after expiration date?
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Avelo Airlines

16 February 2022 Guest
Can I take a carry on suitcase?
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Douglas DC-6

09 February 2022 Guest
Guest : Hello, Could you advise the height from the ground to the bottom of the DC6 aircraft please? Many thanks Fred williams. I'm looking at the Door about 6 feet right ok next look at the wheels in comparison you must see the same thing ( more ) with a ruler to Door then front-wheel get the next measurement and ( % ) add into your understanding a good guess is 7 feet ( I'm not just saying this because I walked under in it and I'm 6 foot 2 ,I want you to as well measure it by the door to wheel lengths in pic that's all i can do as an R/C builder tip Guest :
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Fly Jordan

05 February 2022 Guest
The plain is soooo old, every think looks very old and dangerous, they reject the pcr test from the major hospitals in Turkey. Even they dont accept the pcr test in Sabiha airport.
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Airbus A350-900

28 January 2022 Guest
What is the shortest route out of London Heathrow on an A380?
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25 January 2022 bhaskar kher
Don't buy Vistara at any cost, UA 929 flight is cancelled for 26-Jan-2022 but still VISTARA is selling tickets online. Please avoid this cheater flight
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Frontier Airlines

20 January 2022 Guest
Everyone might want to check out Frontier's new "Green" weight restrictions on checked baggage that go into effect in a few months. The are lowering the maximum checked bag weight that you pay so much extra for to 40 lbs from 50 lbs. They claim they are doing this to benefit the environment, when in fact they are only doing it to benefit the environment of their bank account at the expense of you and me. If they were doing it for the environment they would reduce their check bag fee by 20% to make up for the 20% reduction in weight. What a bunch of BS by them.
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31 December 2021 Guest
Unreliable Airline flight canceled multi times
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Silver Airways

22 December 2021 James Berthold
Terrible customer service!!!
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22 December 2021 Guest
I had flight tickets from Rome to Algiers,,,but I didnt used and I requested a refund,, I went to Alitalia agency and they provide me a refund with proof .later on I checked my account online and instead to get a refund Ive got charged for the second time and there is no refund. I went back to Alitalia agency they said cant do anything Im getting lost ,!!!how can I get my money back ??
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Air India

20 December 2021 Chandra
All Is anyone travelling from Hyderabad (India) - UK on 24th December 2021, please let me know. My mom is travelling alone so I wondered if anyone can assist her at the UK border / Immigration desk thanks chandra
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Harbin Y-12

16 December 2021 Guest
please contact Aircraft Mechanics & Logistics for any queries you may have with regards to purchasing a Y12 aircraft, or if you're having problems sourcing parts including finding a facility to overhaul your components
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Nile Air

13 December 2021 Guest naeema jada
south africa was suspended from entering Egypt and this airline refuses to give us a refund
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Air Cairo

12 December 2021 David
The worst service ever! They don't know what customer service or customer care is... Awful...
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Flair Airlines

11 December 2021 Guest
Does not even warrant a reveiw
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Miri Airport

30 November 2021 Guest
Hi...i want to know..can i park my car at miri airport..and the cost of parking overnight
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Royal Air Maroc

14 November 2021 Guest
every time i travel with AM something disappears.... i made several complains but they just do not care and quite probably are acting together with the usual. Disgusting company and disgusting personal
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ATR 72

12 November 2021 Sanjeeva
Dear Colleague Greeting! I just started flying the ATR 72-200 in Sri Lanka. May I please join the forum to discuss my concerns and participate in your discussions. Thank you! Sanjeeva
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11 November 2021 Sauleac Stefan
On 18.06.2021 I booked through tickets for my and my wife's long-distance travel to Iasi, Romania-Pula, Croatia with stops in Bucharest and Vienna, for 15.08.2021. The reservation had the number SM95B. As the flight operated by Laudamotion was canceled, we had to travel the final distance Vienna-Pula with other means of transport. Although I have repeatedly asked for reports on how to recover the money with which I bought the tickets, to date I have not received any response. Our tickets were bought in the name of Sauleac Stefan and Sauleac Aurora-Liliana and had no. UPM5PW. Please let me know how to recover the amounts paid.
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Seoul Incheon International Airport

29 October 2021 Guest
Postal code best Western Airport hotel incheon
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Southwest Airlines

19 October 2021 Guest
Booking a flight from Milwaukee to Orlando. What is you try code?
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05 October 2021 Abd El Shakankyri
amazing amazing amazing... one of the worst experience i hade in my life, great food, crew welcoming, big seats, it was a disaster.. and i advise you all to try Egypt air... amazing i swear five mwahh
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Accra Kotoka International Airport

07 September 2021 Guest
I had the worst experience from staff at Kotoka international airport terminal 3 at the check in point of Emirates Airlines on Monday 6th September 2021 between 2 pm and 5.30 pm. Kindly provide e mail so that I make a complaint in writing to the management staff. I rate the airport 0%
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