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Southwest Airlines

25 October 2020 Guest
Guest : Marion Wiltbank : What does country code mean?
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Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport

30 September 2020 Abu Mourad
Mustafa Kurnaz : Lost baggages i lost my baggages Beyrut adana fly Borajet PNR 4xxffm please contact me Did you receive your lost luggage.
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Azores Airlines

25 September 2020 Guest
Mark Frost : Still waiting for compensation for a cancelled flight in July 2019! Do you have an address of their registered office in UK, as I am also having problems getting money back for flights SATA cancelled. They are evasive and have sought to blame others, yet all the while they have known that they were paid by their agents. Thanks
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25 September 2020 Junie
My flight from Denpasar to jakarta has been change and they offering a refund and I need to do in on their website. I have a simple question to them as its one booking code with two passenger do I need to make it twice and I dont have KTP shall I fill in my passport number. Simple question no one can answer and they closed my chatt again and again and I try is to call and they makes me waiting for more than 30 minutes which cost me money as I am calling from Europe. Send an email got no response. So disappointed and never ever wanna try to use this airlines . They are suck for the service. No professional service you can get.
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Shenzhen Airlines

13 September 2020 Sunil L
Shenzhen airlines [operated by Air China] is flying from Johannesburg SA to Beijing Capital Internationalon the 07th October 2020, Flight ZH1998 at 10h10 and arrives inBeijing on 08/10/2020 at 09h55. Is this a repat flight and are South Africans with a valid visa allowed to board this flight.
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Westair Benin

08 September 2020 Guest
Meet to claim certain package but I was inboxed by someone saying I should pay the fee for the renew of documents
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Vueling Airlines

08 August 2020 Guest
I was outraged by Vueling's decision to stop compensating for canceled flights amid the COVID-19 pandemic. And they did it suddenly. As a refusal (request SR_Number: 1-19142853423), the employee gave an absolutely bureaucratic explanation referring to EU Regulation 261/2004, where there is a clause about force majeure. Surprisingly, the reference was not about infection, but about adverse weather conditions, strikes, diversions, bird strikes, runway closures, etc. Speaking of COVID-19. According to the WHO's decision, not the coronavirus pandemic itself is recognized as a force majeure, but only a high-alert mode. Let me remind to all that since March 2020, Vueling was aware of Covid19 and canceled flights, thereby increasing its high-alert mode for control of disease spreding. So my flight to Barcelona GCR7MM was canceled in may 2020 with full compensation. My other flight to Barcelona in July 2020, JDPFVZ, was also cancelled for the same reason, which the company started telling me about a month before that date. I fully accepted the company's offer of compensation in the form of a flight credit and went through the entire procedure proposed on the site. The result on the screen convinced me that the issue was resolved positively by analogy with the previous one. Suddenly, after a two-week wait and an additional request, an unexpected categorical refusal. Tried to explain myself at the following address: - no answer by human, only robot.
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Dalaman Airport

03 August 2020 Guest
Hi, I am travelling from the UK. My sons passport expires in November. Advise to travel to Salam an is that he needs 6 months on entry. Currently I cannot get a new passport for him in time of travel. Can I still travel? Happy to pay a fine. Can you please reply on: Thank you in advance.
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Caribbean Airlines

31 July 2020 Clement Clarke
I flew to Trinidad on Feb 3rd 2020 and was unable to return to Canada on the arranged date April 4th 2020 due to Covid-19.I paid an additional $ 94.00 on my return fare which I couldnt use because of the Airport closeure. I am in Canada now and asking for a reimbursement of the fees paid.
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Ural Airlines

22 July 2020 Tony
They are selling out tickets then cancelling flights. Reimbursement time is up to 3 years based on russian law
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22 July 2020 Guest
Fake , never launched, only to get tax refound and CV's.
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Odessa International Airport

09 July 2020 Guest
Hello - I am an American citizen. I am healthy. I haved good health insurance. Can I enter your country without a 14 day quarantine?
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24 June 2020 Guest
Nonhlanhla Hazel Ndhlovu : Hello.. Where is my Luggage got lost when i travelled from Dubai via Kigali via Lusaka.. Its been 2 days already.. Find the attached images to supporting my query. Thank you Did you find your luggage finally.
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23 June 2020 Uschi
Alitalia cancelled our flights for July 30th online and Alitalia refuses to issue any refund since booked online. First she offered a voucher then she said she can't hear and call again, I had asked her for an e-mail for anybody in charge, not possible. I live in the Caribbean and had to call a regular number in the UK, which has already cost me a fortune. Do I have any recourse without spending more money on phone-calls?
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Corendon Dutch Airlines

18 June 2020 Dirk Dumfries
Dear management of Corendom Dutch. Are you interesting flying to Aruba? Aruba is one happy island in the caribbean with nice beaches and very safe. We can offer you a great deal with the airport, hotels and transportation company in Aruba. Please be free to contact me. Dirk M.Dumfries Aruba +2975934510 Email:
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SAS - Scandinavian Airlines

08 June 2020 Wang Ying
My flight SK0996 from Beijing to Amsterdam via Copenhagen was cancelled by SAS. Full compensation was promised within 10-15 days. But now after waiting for more than 3 months (in fact 4 months), still no refund received. Why making promises and then repeatedly telling that it is busy and that I am put on "the queue list"??
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Norwegian Air Shuttle

02 June 2020 Guest
Sorry to All! Im so angry with Norwegian I thought it was its website...:-)) Anyway! I have a domestic ticket with them, I cant go to Norway because of Covid-19 restrictions, the ticket costs 284 and they dont care about it! No answer, not a cent back! They probably think I can swim from Greece to Norway... The Norwegian Government help help this terrible company to survive. Me too I think... Petros😡
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Boeing 737 MAX 9

21 May 2020 banana
For the people who think this was the plane that crashed, go back to kindergarten and learn to tell the difference between the numbers 8 and 9
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Privilege Style

07 May 2020 Guest
Well after a long wait in Edinburgh airport we took off on privilege style wich was ment to be Thomson it was fine Not a lot of legroom . It was very noisy the cabin crew were very nice it wa cheep and cheerful!:)if you have to fly with Them its fine but find book with them if you fond have to.
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Trans States Airlines

04 May 2020 Guest
Worst experience ever!!!! Glad you are out of business ! Theres no place to such as operators in aviation.
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Etihad Airways

04 May 2020 EtihadHelp
Guest : Hi. I've been waiting for my claim almost a month but still not refund. My reference is is Ref. 761960. Hope u refund this ASAP. Hi there, we can see our Baggage Claims team have sent you an email on 30th Apr. Please allow some time for the team to get back to you with an update. Thank you. *Zoe
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Airbus A220-100

28 March 2020 Guest
thanks for sharing this information with us. I am just surfing on internet and suddenly found this blog. Very Nice blog.
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13 March 2020 Zuraiman
Unable to fly into PH due to President Duterte's COVID-19 red alert lockdown to visitors.
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Sichuan Airlines

07 March 2020 Guest
AHMED YUSUF AMOUD : I'll have flight on 19/02/2020 to go in xi'an, I don't want to go back xi'an because of coronavirus, so I'll like to refund my ticket Hello, did they refund your ticket?
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Silver Airways

05 March 2020 Guest
my daughter is 14 and flying with my sister what documents does she need
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Enter Air

25 February 2020 Guest
I recommend they help me to get compensation.
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Bombardier CRJ-900

20 February 2020 Mike
What is the Max Lateral G loading on the CRJ- 900? I know +2.5 and -1.0 flaps retracted, but cant find any info on the Lateral G loading. Thx
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AlMasria Universal Airlines

11 February 2020 Guest
About the fly UJ 6001 from Sharm el Sheikh to Bologna saturday 15-02-20 it s a fly charter or normal fly?
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Air Busan

10 February 2020 Guest
hi. how to add on name since i have book my flight to jeju next week from seoul (Gimpo Airport) since my name is more than 23 words. please help me
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Ilyushin Il-96

05 February 2020 benissexy69
mad ting
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Estelar Latinoamerica

14 January 2020 Guest
I would never recommend this airline. Really bad experience. If you can please avoid it
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Khartoum International Airport

02 January 2020 Guest
Kindly make a note of the stamping in some passports at the Khartoum Airport , it has been stamped the date of 1 Jan 2020 as 32 Dec 2019 . Regards, K.Balasubramaniam,
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Avior Airlines

31 December 2019 Guest
Worst airline to fly from Caracas to Bogotá in two consecutive days more than 15 hours delay
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China Eastern Airlines

25 December 2019 Marconi Ramos
To whom it may concern, I recently arrive at Edmonton, Alberta fr om Manila, Philippines. My luggage, which was supposed to be checked all the way through to my final destination, baggage tag No. MU 672894 and MU 035979 has apparently been completely miss-placed and possibly off loaded somewhere in another country. The ground staff at the lost luggage counter, where I spoke with informed me that they would be in touch with me within 24 hours to inform me of wh ere and when my luggage would be tracked down and arriving. It has been 7 days now. I find it completely unprofessional how in our world today with the security and technology available to you as a large airline can completely miss-place baggage. I have certain items inside which are completely irreplaceable. I hope that the bag will be located and sent back but should it never turn up and be reported missing indefinitely, I believe that I am entitled to some form of compensation from the airline. I can be reached on my email . I would appreciate an update as soon as possible. Regards, Marconi Ramos
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Eastar Jet

23 December 2019 Samson Pandia
I just booked a flight from incheon to BKK but no mail confirmation or booking number or what ever send on my email and mobile Please tell me if this is normal procedure ??? Thanks
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16 December 2019 bita RoshandoonyGuest
Hi, this is the worst airline I have ever had flight with. Te flights are suspended and no one is responsible to schedule another flight or give refunds.
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TAP Portugal

08 December 2019 Guest
Sante: TAP fr om Accra to London. Had to buy two new tickets to return even though we had legitimate tickets. Staff cancelled our flights and took £832 plus exchange rate charges before we could return on the same flight. Attempts to contact them in London has been fruitless. Where there is an address there is no contact name. Wh ere there is a contact name its usually out of the UK. Complaints on the websites can't be loaded (website is dodgy). This has caused stress and anxiety as the money was borrowed. Emotionally drained from not getting anywhere to solving this problem. Police in Accra told stranded passengers (the 20-25 passengers who had been taken off the flight manifest that day, and who were charged anywhere between £430-500 to return to England again with legitimate return tickets) confirmed that this occurs on almost every flight from Accra. I was very distraught, cried my eyes out - this is what caught the attention of the Police Officers - I realised that I had no money to pay for two hotel rooms and food as TAP staff suggested we return the following week to pay to return to the UK. Anyone with a name and address in their London Office please reply to me.
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Air Antilles Express

05 December 2019 Gelien Matthews
I will be writing the airline everyday until I get my suitcase.
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Air Transat

05 December 2019 PdLunden
Had a family vacation planned foe Nov 23. My husband had a minor heart attack on Nov 21 so he was not allowed to fly. We had to advise airline of the situation but i was still going to go on the trip. What does Air Transat do: They went and charged me an additional $290 for traveling as a single. We shouldn't have been so honest and just went to the airport and telling them I had no idea where he was.Then my husband would have just have being a no show and I would have save $290. richer. We were aware that there would be no refund from Air Transat for my husband which is fine because we had Travel Cancellation Insurance. But for Air Transat to charge me an additional $290 and keep all of my husbands fare as well is pretty bad. If they really needed to charge the $290 then they should have just taken it from my husbands fare. So they got $1800 in pocket for my husbands fare, plus my $1800 plus an additional $290. For Shame, For Shame
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Thai Vietjet Air

03 December 2019 Robbed
They steal
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Flair Airlines

28 October 2019 Guest
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Blue Panorama Airlines

11 October 2019 Guest
If anyone finds a telephone number for their compensation office, please share it. We are told that they can only be contacted by email, I have written 10 times and never received any reply
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Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport

08 October 2019 Guest
It is not the largest
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LATAM Airlines

01 October 2019 Katherine Batac
I inadvertently left on my seat 14J, my iPhone and prescription eyeglasses on Latam flight LA 2063 Lima to Cusco on September 28, 2019. Someone named Lopez Garcia called my friend Judy Morris of Atlanta that she found my phone and for me to contact LATAM to claim my phone. Gate 1 tour guide Ronald Collada called Latam and he was advised the items were available for pickup at Latham office in Cusco Airport. I went to the said office and the personnel told me that there was no such items there. She showed me the box and the list of items found but mu items were not there. Who can help me now. Where can I go for help.
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Istanbul Ataturk Airport

24 September 2019 Guest
Hello ! My car is parked in the parking lot of the Ataturk airport with whom i can contact to give me information where my car is
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Garuda Indonesia Airways

15 September 2019 Janette Sutherland
Please explain CLASS V & CLASS T on my e-ticket?
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BoA - Boliviana de Aviacion

12 September 2019 Losi/Poleggi
how can we be refounded for a flight that we did not use??
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CSA Czech Airlines

02 September 2019 Guest
worst experience ever
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Berlin Schonefeld Airport

01 September 2019 Zara Taran
I guess all German airports are dreadful. First time travelled through Germany as a transit passenger and i ve sworn never go that way again. I am reading airport reviews in Germany and they all have bad reviews. Whats wrong with them????
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