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Discussion of airlines and airports all over the world. You can share your flight and travel experiences, and discuss a specific airline, aircraft or airport, using the links on this page.

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Agadir Al Massira Airport

04 October 2023 Guest
Good luck. Worse airline ever.
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29 September 2023 Guest
Hello everyone I have a gift card from Finnair for 220 eur . If someone wants to use it let me know I will ask for 190 eur back so you can have 30 EUR discount if you help me as I'm not going to travel soon. Many thanks . Monica You can reach me here
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Vueling Airlines

23 September 2023 Guest
How the hell can you lose so many checked-in bags ?? Are they being deliberately sent to Lost Luggage Heaven or is it just your absolute incompetence ??
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Silver Airways

23 September 2023 Bill dzio
Customer relations is a joke. 2 hours on the phone, twice different days
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22 September 2023 Guest
Condor Airlines provides an extremely poor standard of customer service. They constantly provide incorrect information over the phone, ignore your emails. They keep telling you that you have to wait for your missing baggage week after week, telling you that your only option is to wait. Yet when you called again one day, they tell you that it has been over 4 weeks, and it's now too late for them to retrieve any information about your missing baggage. They even instruct you to personally contact the airport to retrieve your delayed baggage. They inform you that they reimburse you for delayed baggage, yet they ignore your request and don't follow through on their commitment. They request you to file some specific reports and complaints on their website, asking for the purchase receipts, asking for your bank account information, and creating an impression that they could reimburse or compensate you directly into your account. However, once they obtain your information, they fail to take any action or provide any resolution. They instruct you to send inquires to specific email addresses, which are not publicly listed on their website, but none of your inquires are answered. You all need to file a formal complaint against Condor Airlines with the US Dept. of Transportation.
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Blue Bird Airways

21 September 2023 Guest
Will never fly with this company again
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Privilege Style

20 September 2023 Anton Guest
The worst airline ever never ever again. I dont recommend this airline to anyone!
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AirAsia Zest

20 September 2023 Guest norie
What is the format of tin number?
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14 September 2023 Clara Veytsel
Hii I need a problem with my reservation. I wrote the wrong email address. What is your email to chat with you My email Thank you very much Clara
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Air Arabia

11 September 2023 Bibin Antony
Hi air Arabia team, I've a suggestion to you that I can send one dirhams every month after my salary to your account, but please do not cheat literally the poor medical or surgical event travellers.comparitively, Beggars are far better, because they may ask for the money not like air Arabia has done to me .....
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Boeing 737 MAX 10

07 September 2023 United Airlines
It is the best airplane in the market! Bought 80 of them and Boeing is so helpful!
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China Eastern Airlines

06 September 2023 Guest
No service 40 mins before landing. No more with this airline!!
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Air Transat

03 September 2023 Anthony
There is a catch when you try to check in online with Air transat. It will ask you for number of bags. Once you mark down 1 bag it will automatically charge you excess fee of 90$. Even if your bag matches the size and weight .
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30 August 2023 Guest bbv
how can i get ok to bord with aviance
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Air Berlin

25 August 2023 Guest
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Lion Airlines

20 August 2023 Ganesh paudel
Worst airline in this planet Earth ground staff at Jakarta airport is scamming there passengers I ended up paying 300usd.
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ATR 72

19 August 2023 Santos
Hey guys! During the work shift, I experienced a breakdown, a tic difference between engines one and two corners at takeoff and cruise, and the captain reported that there was a difference between the throttle positions. where would it be recommended to start a search from this report?
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Ethiopian Airlines

16 August 2023 Guest
Just give up on the airline industry and find something else to scam customers
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Brussels Airlines

15 August 2023 FUBrusselsAirlines
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LATAM Airlines

11 August 2023 Rich
Avoid this airline especially in Cali, Columbia airport their baggage employees steals your portable electronics you have been warned.
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Garuda Indonesia Airways

09 August 2023 flightcockups
Guest : Guest : On Saturday 15th September I boarded a flight from Bali to Melbourne at 12am. I was seated in Business class. For the duration of the flight, the whole 6 hours I endured a screaming toddler. This child did not stop for 5 minutes. Several people complained to cabin crew and were moved to another position, but they ran out of seats. Since when did become acceptable to allow toddlers in Business class flights? Absolutely ruined my flight and I got not sleep at all. No other airline I am aware off allows children under 15 yo to fly business class. This was the first and last time I am ever flying with Garuda. What a * of money business class is, no different to the screaming, annoying children in economy.You are so stupid. Its not the airlines fault.]Of course its the airlines fault if they put toddlers in business class
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KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

03 August 2023 Guest
sgodblackaero : It's super disappointing when an airline doesn't take such incidents seriously and tries to sweep it under the rug. True, I am really disappointed by the KLM airline for taking no actions at all. Ive been global trotting for the past 20 plus years and flew numerous airlines. Never once in my previous travels that I was discriminated so openly without any disguise. I was called by the loudspeaker to the gate right before the boarding process started and the gate agent said to me and I quoted here, Your seat had been switched to the back due to your age and you dont speak good English. Since when 50 yrs old becoming the new 80? I purchased the ticket and payed extra for the seat two months before the flight, if they needed my seat so badly, why didnt they switch me to the front row instead putting me at the very back next to the toilet?! And btw Im a US passport holder, and we do speak English here in the United States of America. The only thing that I can think of to be picked out and switched seat is My Asian Face and Asian last name.
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02 August 2023 Guest
We have wrong passport mentioned on our 4 E-tickets my agent is saying no problem at all..These are group tickets which was booked by the agent when fair was cheap..I am unable to understand how to manage this.
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Envoy Air

02 August 2023 Guest
It appears that the only requirement for employment with this company is to be a rude, inconsiderate narcissist. They hired Dan Evan as a pilot who is a bully that pouts and gives bad reviews when others don't accept his ultra cheap offers on used items.
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01 August 2023 GuestK
Lairs, Lairs, Lairs They don't honor what their agent tells the customers and when you confront them the say we are a third party ... :( No ownership Cheap but losing customer service I was going to rate them -5 but its not an option
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Royal Jordanian Airlines

31 July 2023 Anna Gerapetriti
Congratulations on your customer service ground handling personnel... Specially thanks to Mr Luai Alesoud who every week takes the best and most polite care of our groups... He is clever, instant decisions maker, sufficient and always smiling and polite 5* to Mr Alesoud
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Air Cote dIvoire

29 July 2023 Ogunleye Muyiwa Mayowa
I traveled with air cote d'ivoire for the first time with my two bags and one bags is missing. How do I file a claim
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WestJet Airlines

18 July 2023 EC
Hi all, thanks first & I would like to check out something - I will fly out from YVR to LAS next Monday and i want to know if, for carry on luggage, if the size is a bit bigger, am i going to be charged for additional? FYI, i have a carry on 21" standard luggage but a bit too big vs the requirement 53 cm x 23 cm x 38 cm (21 in. x 9 in. x 15 in.) and my luggage is 54.0 x 37.0 x 24.0cm (Approx. 21.3" x 14.6" x 9.4")
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16 July 2023 Guest
Unhappy customer : After buying tickets online, got a mesaage days before the departure saying Iqas not going to be able to check in unless I pay for TUA charges? $70!! Then while checking my luggage they charged me for Tourist tax? $38 that's $110 extra!! Ticket ended up being way more expensive than united or spirit same happened to me!!
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SAS - Scandinavian Airlines

15 July 2023 Petet
I have travelled extensively both for business and pleasure and this is the worst airline that I have ever encountered. My flight was cancelled due to technical difficulties and the rebooking system was a nightmare mainly due to the fact that SAS didnt have the staff to deal with the rebooking as we waited hours in a queue . Finally found us alternative flights which I have now discovered that they knew was already delayed and would result in us not arriving in our location until the following day . If they had been honest with me I would have been able to cancel accommodation and saved a considerable amount of money. They promised food snd drink vouchers as they are required to do but conveniently forgot to issue them . On return filed s claim which they stated would be settled within 4/6 weeks. I reminded them after 6 weeks that they hadnt fulfilled their obligations, they ignored my e-mail After 12 weeks I raised it again and now after various exchanges of e-mails I realise that their system is designed to ensure that they make it extremely difficult to claim to avoid having to pay compensation whilst conveniently ignoring their legal obligations . Their latest demand is that any food and drink receipt must state the names of all the individual people on the receipt .I can demonstrate how much I paid and when I paid but I am not entitled to the names of those concerned were not printed on the receipt . When companies such as SAS drop to such levels in order to avoid paying compensation you appreciate why they have got themselves into troubled state that the have. As I cannot meet this requirement I have instructed them to withdraw this item from the claim I rather doubt that this is a requirement of the Authority but I shall raise this with them . I will be returning to the area again but I will very definitely not be flying with SAS and would encourage others to think carefully before they commit to such an unreliable organisation .
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Fokker 50

07 July 2023 Guest
Dear respect sir looking fo Fokker 50 ACMI , minimum one year . please advise your, MGH, aircraft status of landing gear and 96.72,36 month check. lastly CRS certificate kind regards
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Harbin Y-12

05 July 2023 Guest
Do you have simulator for training and location of the simulator
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Azores Airlines

30 June 2023 Guest
We just checked in for a flight from Boston to Lisbon and the SATA staff were really friendly and helpful during the process.
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Caribbean Airlines

28 June 2023 Bibi razia charan
I want to know how much would it cost to change the date of my flight from trinidad to guyana I was supposed to leave trinidad on the 29th of July but I now want to leave on the 14th of July
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Airbus A320

10 June 2023 Sami Ozutuna
hey guys im 12 yrs old and im making a flight sim in my bedroom im making all the parts but i dont know the name of some parts. in the picture i have circled three parts of the Airbus A320 that i am unsure of and need help finding the name of it. thanks if anyone can help?
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Bombardier Dash 8-100/200

28 May 2023 ALEX
wing airfoil used in q200 ?
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Estelar Latinoamerica

24 May 2023 M
Worst airline ever. Please dont travel with them.
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Copa Airlines

16 May 2023 Antoinette
If anybody can please explain the discrepancy of the following senario : The cost of a resent Copa flight , on a spesific day, from Costa Rica to Buenos Aires (2 legs - lay-over in Panama) was USD300. To book only the 2nd leg of the same flight from Panama to Buenos Aires was USD800??? What will the reason be, for this discrepency?
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Breeze Airways

13 May 2023 Georgia
Online Breeze Airways customer support 877(5O7)6686 Online Manage Booking & Cancellation Flight and also manage your Reservations.
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12 May 2023 Guest
Guest : Call on AeroSvit Airlines For Booking And Cancellations
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18 April 2023 Guest
The worst airport you would ever want to try. No humanity at all they treat white people really well but other races are treated as animals. If you are not white then they won't let you in your terminal and make you have to sit on the chair for a long period even if you flight is the next day. All they care about is your physically appearance and which group do you belong too. They should be banned and we should stop them by not purchasing anymore flight tickets. If you are not white then they would yell at you and treat you badly. They once said that tha's what we do if your passport is African so they admit themselves that what they do is target and on purpose. I just hate that type of racism, we all can help stop this by making hashtags to ban this type of racism we see is cairo egypt airline. They are as well scammer the staff in the airport I remember that i got coffee from a place in which they said that the coffee costed 75 and a second time my sister went and told her it cost 85 and it's all for the same exact order. they are scammers #egyptairline should be banned.
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Chengdu Airlines

09 April 2023 KASDANI Bouchra
Hello, I booked a plane ticket online for a trip from Guangzhou Canton to Chengdu. I would like to know what I have to do to check in a baggage payment. How much does two pieces of luggage cost around 20kg in balance? Can I pay online? If so what is the link for online payment? Cordially,
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ATR 42

27 March 2023 Alabi
What could be the cause of heat coming out of the air conditioning vent during climb or power lever pushed to 35-50%
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Accra Kotoka International Airport

07 March 2023 Guest
Can i purchase a e ticket and it be accepted to fly from Accra to the United States
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Omni Air International

03 March 2023 Guest
Rudest flight attendant i have ever met
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26 February 2023 Guest
I had booked ticket for Kazakistan Yesil Airport from Abu Dhabi having Indian passport, In a view that I have a on arrival visa for Kazakistan but the authorities refused to board me because of no visa which was required from Abu Dhabi. I spoke to the customer care regarding refund or cancellation but they denieddue to which I suffered great loss and also monetary loss as they dont refund my money plus the purpose of going to Kazakistan for work was also destroyed.
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Eva Air

22 February 2023 Guest
My flight has been cancelled and eva air website asked me to contact customer service. I've called them since this morning from both their taiwan office and paris office, NO ONE pick up the phone. It's been the whole day I've been calling them
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Avelo Airlines

18 February 2023 Guest
It's a great airline. Cheap tickets and great service. I want to fly with them again to Denver.
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Spirit Airlines

16 February 2023 Steve
How is it that you pay $65 for a checked bag - the bag never gets to the destination- and Spirit Airlines wont refund the fee for a checked bag?
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27 January 2023 Jon Brown
I booked tickets for a friend in Bratislava to fly to London and back. The friends name is Karin Schmidt, ticket reference XCR4WK. I then switched the flights for her for Vienna to Alicante, this was also canceled. I have been trying to get a refund via Ryanair of 81,62 and 69,68 total 141,30 Euros. Ryanair admit the refund is correct but keep finding reasons to delay refund. I would like to have it in full today
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