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Discussion of airlines and airports all over the world. You can share your flight and travel experiences, and discuss a specific airline or airport, using the links on this page.

To take part in the discussion of the airline or airport, follow the links on this page or leave your messages on the pages of the corresponding airlines of the world , airports, aircraft .

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BAe Avro RJ

10 July 2018 charles
I am writing a business plan to look for funding and start a passenger air plan business in Botswana. I would like to be thoroughly advised on this venture , more especially on the type of air craft I should start with. Easy to maintain type of air craft is something i will opt for.
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Denpasar Ngurah Rai International Airport

Dear Sir/Madam My email address is: I believe that I lost an item in the Ngurah Rai Airport International departure lounge at Gate 6B last night while waiting for Jetstar flight JQ128 that departed for Adelaide at 11:50pm Sat 07 Jul 2018. It was a small round plastic container measuring about 12cm in diameter and 4cm deep that contained a small pink cloth bag that contained a RSA SecurID token, a grey remote control , a USB and a roll of sticky tape. Was this item found and if so are you able to help me recover it? Thanking you in anticipation of your cooperation and early reply. Kindest regards Victor Bezeruk
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Sky Express

06 July 2018 Guest
Impossible to contact. I need Diabled assistance and I cant make contact have been trying for hours
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Khartoum International Airport

06 July 2018 Guest
How can I check my son travelled to sudan via Khartoum airport from jeddah airport currently
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Bombardier CRJ-100/200

06 July 2018 Guest
Dear Shangai Airlines team I have been referred by a friend that your airline has two CF34-3B1 engine ESN:873188 and ESN:872877 for sale. In order to go for this offer please direct me to the right person for this asset management. Hopping forward hearing from you I remain Contact me at-------
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XL Airways France

05 July 2018 Susan hammer
My bag never made the connecting flight from Paris to Tel Aviv. Not sure why everybody else's bag made it. I have no clothing for two days and still counting. I am super disappointed and would like a compensation. 516 522 1936
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05 July 2018 Carro
They cancelled the route, so my flight has been cancelled without proposing any solution. I have been asking to be refounded, until now without succeding. Not professional. NOT CORRECT.
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Turkish Airlines

03 July 2018 Claudia Mazzini
Tickets 2355183925639 / 2355183925640 Dear Sirs, I sincerely hope this email will be forwarded to the President of the company, Mr. Ilker Ayci, who will certainly understand and try to mitigate what happened to me and my daughter at the Athens airport on the 27th of June. Due to the widely publicized general strike in Argentina on 26/6, where numerous flights were canceled, our flight from Sao Paulo (Brazil) to Istanbul-Athens by Turkish Airlines was DELAYED For 7 hours and 30 minutes, as shown in the document issued by Turkish Airways and the tickets. With the delay we lost our flight (connection) from Athens to Santorini by Aegean (ticket SJ4JBK). Regrettably, my 15-year-old daughter and I were IGNORED and HUMILIATED by Turkish Airlaines staff at Athens airport counter, even after we submitted the justification for the late flight from Sao Paulo to Istanbul. However, on the contrary, the service was terrible and they did not even give me any option or assistance. I have kindly requested for some help from Turkish Airlines ground personnel in order to assist us with additional documents and / or intervene with Aegean Airlines but simply refused to do so. I was obliged to buy new tickets for me and my daughter at the cost of EUR 397.88 plus EUR 70.00 for the luggage, otherwise I could loose my hotel reservation, airport transfer, jeopardizing all the schedule of my daughter's long dream vacation to the Greek Islands. I therefore ask you to formally apologize to me, as well as compensation for the moral liability my daughter and I have been through by this company negligence at Athens airport. Otherwisen, I will make public this regrettable event / occurrence, in all the existing means of communication (newspapers, television, websites), including taking the legal measures. I am looking forward to hearing back from you soon. Regards, Claudia Mazzini
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Thai Lion Air

Hello I have booked yesterday a flight on your site but i don't have any reservation number or any confirmation ... I don't received any mail from you to confirm my booking . But the paiement is allready done..?? My Name : M. REGNIER LAURENT HERVE Flight on 7 august N SL 507 / 740 from Chiang Mai at 10h55 to Surat Thani ( 15h10) Can you confirm me the booking and sent a mail of confirmation with Number of reservation; Kind Regards Lydie Regnier Laurent
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Sao Paulo Guarulhos International Airport

03 July 2018 Mohammed ole miah
Dear sir/ madam my flight EK 0261 Luggage number is EK 862693 My name is Mohammed ole miah My flight was Dubai to São Paulo 01-July 2018 and same night my flight was São Paulo to bogota After I arrived São Paulo airport security stop me go copa airlines flight São Paulo to bogota they said I need visa for Panama but I asked copa airlines my flight is bogota I need a visa for Panama they say no need thats why I buying tickets but unfortunately when I arrived São Paulo airport security not aloud to go copa airlines São Paulo to bogota they said I need visa for Panama they didnt believe just stop me to go they take my passport and badging pas after few hours they back my passport and told me I can go to São Paulo to bogota copa airlines no need to visa for Panama I asked wheres my luggage they said they will send to copa airlines São Paulo to bogota flight they didnt back my luggage receipt after I inform Emirates Airlines counter to transfer my luggage copa airlines my next flight is bogota they didnt transfer my luggage I asked copa airlines In São Paulo airport they told me they didnt get my luggage after night 12am again I go terminal 2 to 3 Emirates Airlines counter I asked wheres my luggage they told me already send copa airline 1am I believe him and I go back my flight was São Paulo to bogota when I arrived bogota I didnt find my luggage Please I need my luggage without clothes how I stay here 15 days Im living bogota my friend home I need a help to get my luggage Thanks
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Kuwait International Airport

01 July 2018 VIGNESH
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Dhaka Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport

01 July 2018 Guest
how could i know about previous flight information of 30 april 2018
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TAME Linea Aerea del Ecuador

30 June 2018 Sylvie F
We have been waiting for our refund since February! Is someone received a refund from Tame! And how did you do that 🤨🤨??? Please tell me! I have sent many mails , I went to Tame office in Quito! After 4 months nothing at all!
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30 June 2018 Guest
what is contact number for flybondi
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Boeing 737-800

29 June 2018 Guest
Dear Sir, ... Greetings, I would like to ask when planning to buy used B 737-800 what questions I should ask for General and Technical and could be a manufacturer questienier. Look forward to hearing from you... Sincerely, Sam.
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29 June 2018 James Robert Herron
Please advise on how I get my refund for a canceled flight ! My email address is
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27 June 2018 Guest
Greeting admin. I've got my ticket on that date, but I wanna ask something about baggage. I have keyboard electrical piano, can I carry it with me in cabin? But I don't want to drop it at under baggage because I worried the employee won't care my keyboard and it will be broken. Thank you. Nb: please send back in my email Best regards.
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VietJet Air

26 June 2018 Guest
Hi, I have booked a flight from Seoul to Ho Chi Minh on 18 June.I paid for this but I received no email or reservation details because the site crashed just after I processed the payment. My credit card has been charged for it one week later and still I received nothing. Is there any thing I can do?
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Capital Airlines

24 June 2018 Guest
No web check in from Madrid !!! Something that ALL airlines have
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Pegasus Airlines

22 June 2018 Guest
This company should transport only cheap goods ... just ... just not people because PEGASUS AIRLINES does not treat people with respect
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Kolkata Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport

22 June 2018 Guest
KA169 is on time or not
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S7 Airlines

22 June 2018 Toribio Romo
Hi, I have a reservation number ( 3649773562 ) and I would like to know if it is everything I need to travel. Please email me to confirm to this email: Thank you, Toribio Romo
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21 June 2018 Guest
Hello. How Can I find my booking reference number if I didn't receive the email confirmation?
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LATAM Airlines

19 June 2018 Corey U.
Still waiting for compensation after being involuntarily bumped 3.5 prior to departure back in april. My wife received hers and we share the same bank account.
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Airbus A320

18 June 2018 Guest
veri noice plane
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Indonesia AirAsia

17 June 2018 Ng Bak Huay
Hello there, kindly assist to cancel the cancellation fee and travel insurance. I could be contacted at my mobile if required at +6583394863. Thank you.
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Eastar Jet

16 June 2018 donnapa
Forum Forum I booked easterjet online, but I did not receive the booking confirmation. But my credit card was charged. I'm trying to call the reservation hotline. But it is Korean, which I do not understand. I sent two emails. But no answer. Please advise me what to do. Thank You
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Azur Air Germany

15 June 2018 Rashid
Dear Sir/Madam , Do you an employee by the name of Kimberly ? Kind regards
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Muscat International Airport

13 June 2018 Guest
my friend lost airport way almost 11 times, what the signage on roads...shitt...most of the people in muscat would travel towards ruwi i.e. on main road, why only muscat express way... where it goes? If one take muttrah exit after some time it connects to ghala? what the hell...please remove all confusing signage and put new one...
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Sichuan Airlines

13 June 2018 Guest Steffen Will
Hallo, I have an question. I'm from Germany. My son has booked a flight from Zurich zu Praque. The flight-number is: 3u8296, 23.6.2018, 11:25. My son is 17 years old an has received his ticket. Now I want to book another ticket with the organisation "Airtickets" in Germany. But the main question is: Is it allowed and possible, that my daughter can also book a flight from Zurich to Praque. I want ti ensurrance, that my daugher also san fly. Please give me soon an answer. Thank you! I write this E- Mail not from my own PC, therefore I give you my E-Mail-number: With regards Steffen Will
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Brunei International Airport

11 June 2018 Jundee A Basilides
Hello Sir/Madam, I would like to confirm your security protocol when a passenger is about to board the aircraft at the boarding gate. Do the passengers not allowed to film or take photos during the procedure at the boarding gate? What happened was, during the boarding process last June 5, 2018 cebu pacific flight number 5J 410 approximately around 11:50PM, I was told by airport personnel to stop filming. My concern was, there is no sign or any information that I cannot take videos during the boarding process. If there was such information, I definitely will not take any videos at all. The purpose of my videos is for my personal blog. I do vlogs for my trip. I have been doing this every time I travel outside my country but it was my first that an airport personnel asked me to stop filming. Please enlighten me about your security protocol or procedure at the boarding gate.
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Afriqiyah Airways

11 June 2018 Muharrem BUDAK
I have ticket of my mother. She wants to go back to Misurata. How can we get updated ticket for her? Please,Could you help me about that. Muharrem BUDAK +90 532 318 09 43
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11 June 2018 Guest
Hello - i am in dubai airport - left my computer on the emirates plane - I told them right after i got off and they said they would look. Three hours later they said they found one with a cracked screen. They still didn't bring it to me so i don't really know if they have it or if it is broken. Any ideas on how to get my computer back - who do you talk to? no one at the lounge desk seems to have answers.
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Port Moresby Jacksons International Airport

10 June 2018 Raymond Buque
Good day Please I need your help to trace my suitcase lost there in Pom on June 6 flight PQIJJD This is my bag number PX676064 it's colored like pink red Looking forward for ur reply plz contact me at phone 6787356503 or email Big thanks God bless
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Africa World Airlines

02 June 2018 Guest
worst service ever
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Transavia Airlines

01 June 2018 Guest
Traveled this airline from Paris to Amsterdam and had two very expensive belts stolen out of my bag. The bag should have fit on carryon but made me check it and pay for it.
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BAe 146

01 June 2018 Ronan
Hi Sir, may I request for the dimension from nose wheel to main wheel of BA-e 146-200?
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Saab 340

31 May 2018 drew
Hi, Is the Saab 340 easier to handle than the C26 B Metroliner?
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30 May 2018 Saurabh
Nice aircraft
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Westair Benin

What do I do to claim the package
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Edelweiss Air

28 May 2018 Guest
Mey : Edelweiss is the worst airline. Cannot get anyone in the USA. Have to call to Switzerland and this is crazy. I was told by Swiss Air that booking with Swiss air from Tampa to HKG is code share with Edelweiss Air and they are not suppose to charge me for the seats. Thus I have been trying to get n touch with them but in vain. Send them email too but have yet to receive reply from them. Can someone please tell me how this business can operate with poor service like that. Radmila : Trying to reserve seats on the flight from Tampa to Zurich. Web site is giving me an error. I can not talk to anybody in USA!!!!!! Rita Aeby : Dear Sirs, I would like to reserve a flight from Zurich to Phuket on the 29th of December 2016 for 2 persons and return from Hong Kong on the 11th March 2017 Please advise. I cannot reserve such flights on internet. Thank you for your answer Rita Aeby
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Enter Air

26 May 2018 Ms Jane Diya
I am disgusted at the fact we was grounded for 4hours 10mins on the 22nd on flight ENT477 and were being told various different things!!! One was that there was an air traffic control strike, two that the pilot missed his slot to depart and three that it was because of a disabled woman that needed wheelchair assistance but i was with her at the time and it was not because this woman it was because the pilot had missed his slot to depart!!!! I am not happy with the service recieved and want compensation otherwise i am going to go to trading standards about your company!!! If someone could get back to me on 07415949545 i would appreciate it.xx
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Himalaya Airlines

26 May 2018 Pradeep Budhathoki
Can you check my ticket this is my ticket Reference RA39Mb and 769255717458
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Arik Air

25 May 2018 SU535
aliyu muhammad : I did online booking yet could not get email or booking reference. How can I retrieve my eticket? You can not. You need to contact the trader and report: I did not get the ticket which I had paid for. The trader will ask questions to identify date, flight, name, email.
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Delta Air Lines

23 May 2018 John.
Again delay by delta causes losing connection flight. What a shame. It is in Atlanta and plane was there from morning in the gate but they can not repair. This is the reason all international flight are occupied by foreign airlines. Never took one but time now to move to foreign airlines. Flight number DL 108 delayed. Sorry management shame on you.
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AirAsia India

22 May 2018 Nirantar Kumar
Can i stay at night at netaji subhas flight is tommorrow morning at 5:10 to viskhapatnam
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Copa Airlines

21 May 2018 Guest
Copa has disappointed me. I have lost my luggage again, and they do not follow up and do not care. No call, no update, no information
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Atlantic Southeast Airlines

18 May 2018 Guest
do you fly from rdu to ord
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British Airways

18 May 2018 Guest
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Jin Air

17 May 2018 SU535
This is not the Jin Air carrier' site here, but the discussions on the services of the Jin Air air carrier. If there is no flight information (e-ticket number / reservation number, date , destinations / origin / name), noone is able to reply without the correct data and the full data. In order to get the correct reply, kindly attach the reservation / booking number and / or produce air carrier / date / fllight number / airports / your name at least. Requests on refund must produce full name, reservation / e-ticket and email address of the passenger in the attachment. The reply can be handlled within 24 hours - 96 hours by free staff, if full data are receved, in English. Regards. e-mai: aryan{at} - for private and full request along with e-tickets only.
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